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Getting Started with Parkison’s Dynamics.

There are 2 main steps you must take to participate in the program. 

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1. A form must be faxed from your doctor stating that your diagnosis is Parkinson’s Disease and that you are cleared for Rock Steady programs and the Parkinson's Dynamics programs. The form can be faxed to 256-936-4484. The neurologists have the forms to fax to us. They can also download a form here.
2. After receiving your doctor’s note, we will notify you to schedule your assessment. All assessments are held at Parkinson's Dynamics, by appointment only. This appointment will take up to two hours, so please plan accordingly! PLEASE BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU IF AT ALL POSSIBLE AS THERE IS A LOT OF INFORMATION TO DIGEST!

Scholarships are available for those who are in need. Please don't hesitate to ask about this option if your financial situation may prevent you from joining. Grants are given to us on the basis that anyone can join regardless of financial situations.
After the assessment, if you are not boxing, you can join any of the other programs. 

Rock Steady Boxing SKILLS CAMP: The week after your assessment, your boxing experience begins with Skills Camp. Here you will learn the basic boxing moves used during class. During Skills Camp you will be assigned a boxing class according to your ability. Classes and Camp  are held at the Parkinson's Dynamics gym.
Rock Steady Boxing Classes - After Skills Camp you can attend boxing classes for your level. Classes are held at the Parkinson's Dynamics gym.
Dance for PD - You will get up and move to a variety of songs with different dance styles. It's a fun, inclusive social experience. No prior dance experience needed! Spouses and/or Care Partners welcome.

SPEAK OUT! ®  - For voice, safe swallow, and cognition. Choir is another way to keep your voice strong.

PWR! Moves - Focus on range of motion and big actions to help navigate movement and posture.

PD Stretch - Help combat your stiffness and rigidity, while increasing your range of motion and improving your posture.

PARTÉ (Art of Expression) - Provides a curriculum that promotes expression, cognitive skills, movement and team work. Creative exercises specifically designed to target the motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

Urban Poling for PD - Using modified trekking poles to improve  balance, cardio, stamina, and have fun!

Sit & Chat Support Group - 2nd Tuesday at 1:00 pm Parkinson's Dynamics  gym.
Please contact or 256-513-8164 for more information.
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