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Jim Rhodes was diagnosed in February 2016 at 64 years old with a small thumb tremor. Within weeks he had full blown tremors. Two people had mentioned Rock Steady Boxing (RSB), so we decided that if Jim needed it, there were definitely others in our area who would benefit. We both became certified coaches in April, and held class in early June. Between April and June, Jim fell 12 times and needed to use a cane. In the 5 years since he started RSB, he has not needed a cane! He is also participating in physical therapy on an ongoing basis. His wife Carolyn became an ambassador for several foundations to help disseminate good quality information to our clients and their families. The goal is to educate them as to the best practices to keep themselves upright and strong to Live Well Today. This involves a large team of support in the community, from neurologists, movement disorders specialists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dermatologists, and social workers. The support for the care partner is crucial, and we offer support through several avenues. 

After bringing RSB and the Parkinson’s Voice Project into operation, it was decided that we should add more to benefit the Parkinson’s community, so the work began to bring more exercise, education, wellness and support. We approached the city to find a dedicated space for us. In 2020 the city purchased the 60 year old armory at the edge of John Hunt Park for our space and park offices. Renovation began in October 2022 and we decided that we needed to move into the new building as a separate 501(c)(3) and named it Parkinson’s Dynamics.

We offer a wide range of programs for exercise, education, wellness, and support for Parkinson's clients and their families to give them HOPE! These currently include Rock Steady Boxing Rocket City, SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program, PWR! Moves®, Dance for PD, Choir, Urban Poling, Sit & Chat, and more to come! Local and regional neurologists have referred over 550 clients to our programs and are excited about the difference it makes in their patients!

Of all the pills I have taken, Rock Steady is the best!"
"I can now get out of my chair by myself again!"
"People can understand me when I speak now!"
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